There’s still time to order for Christmas!

Don’t worry if you didn’t pre-order. I still have a variety of stock which will make lovely Christmas gifts. I’m in Scotland until mid December and then making a delivery to Nottingham around 16th December. Orders can be posted up till round about 18th December to arrive in time for Christmas.

Scents in stock:
Of the Tea Soaps:
– Peppermint and Rosemary
– Rose
– Chamomile and Lavender
– Earl Grey Tea
– Cinnamon Spiced (Festive!)

Of the Goat’s Milk Soaps:
– Wild Nettle (unscented except for the natural nettle scent)
– Nettle and Peppermint
– Nettle and Rosemary
– Chocolate Orange

Send me an e-mail direct to:
or use the online contact form.

Happy Festive Season everyone!


Christmas 2013 Soaps!

Soaps Scents for Christmas 2013

Get your orders in early 🙂

Tea Soap Varieties (vegan)

Green Tea and Lemon Soap
Earl Grey Tea Soap
Rose Tea Soap
Cinnamon Spiced Tea Soap
Peppermint and Rosemary Tea soap
Chammomile and Lavender Tea Soap

Goat’s Milk Soap Varieties (vegetarian)

Honey and Lavender
Chocolate Orange
Wild Nettle
Nettle and Rosemary
Nettle and Peppermint

£3.50/bar. Bars weigh approximately 90-100g. Each soap for Christmas orders comes with decorative labels
£5-6/teacups – individually priced.

Delivery: I will post anywhere (buyer covers postage osts).

Discount on bulk buys (contact me to discuss your orders).

Goat’s Milk from local goats in the Scottish Borders and each bar contains some local rapeseed oil also produced in the Scottish Borders. No palm oil is used in my soaps.

Finally – I am a one-lady small cottage business and I make my soaps with love and pleasure. I urge you to pre-order before the 1st November to ensure delivery for Christmas time.



Guild of Craft, Soap and Toiletry Makers


I Want The Moon is now a member of the Guild of Craft, Soap and Toiletry Makers UK. This a organisation to raise awareness of the legislative requirement when producing craft products. Members of the guild must provide evidence of their own public liability insurance and all cosmetics must be assessed by a pharmacist. Members should be able to provide evidence of their certificate of safety assessment. Read more about the work of the guild here.

Soap Scents for Christmas 2012

Christmas deadline for personalised orders for Christmas is November 2nd – this allows soaps to cure in time for Christmas and be posted out in time too.

Tea Soaps
Peppermint + Rosemary Tea Soap
Chamomile + Lavender Tea Soap
Christmas Cinnamon Spice Tea Soap
Rose Tea Soap
Earl Grey Tea Soap

Goat’s Milk Varieties
Christmas Cinnamon Spice
Honey and Lavender
Nettle and Rosemary
Nettle (unscented – natural nettle scent – all nettle ones good for sensitive skin)
Chocolate Orange

Soap bars: £3.50 wrapped beautifully or £3 unwrapped
Cupcake soaps: £2.25
Tea cup + Soap (Priced individually but £5-£6)

Delivery In person/collection Free! Suitable for those in Edinburgh and I will be making a delivery to Nottingham in early November…
Postal: + Cost of postage basically

East Lothian Goat’s Milk

I have now sourced some wonderful goat milk from the Scottish Borders as my new local source for making the goat’s milk soap. Many thanks to be extended to Anke for her help. The goats she keeps are Golden Guernsey’s which are members of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the UK and also British Toggenburgs. I look forward to making my next batches with their fantastic milk.

Rapeseed Oil

Exciting news! I am pleased to announce that I have begun to source my rapeseed oil from the heart of East Lothian, just round the corner from me so keeping it nice and local.

The rapeseed oil is cold pressed locally to the farm and grown from their own seed source which is GM-free. Cold pressed oil means that unlike most commercial and cheap rapeseed oil you can buy in the supermarket it has not been treated with chemicals to assist the extraction process. Cold pressed means less energy intensive and preserves the natural colour and nutrients for the oil. I am looking forward to the quality of oil being reflected in my soaps.

Over the next few months, now that I am based in Scotland I will be re-assessing my sources of oil to ensure they are as environmentally friendly and as local as possible.

Looking for Goats Milk near Edinburgh?

Well folks. I have finally arrived in Edinburgh to pursue my Veterinary degree and I am slowly in my little spare time finding the farm connections that get me excited. So. I am thinking about soap in September for the Christmas run. Normally the word Christmas in September would make me shudder but making soap is a slow business and i need to be prepared since all my soaps will be curing for at least 6 weeks.

Did I mention also that money is pretty scarce as a student and Edinburgh is not the cheapest of cities albeit beautiful to live in.

So this brings me to my next question. Where am I going to be sourcing my goat’s milk in Edinburgh? I have explored a couple of ideas but as yet I am to find goats nearby. What this space!