Like a growing number of people I am drawn to living a frugal lifestyle and one which is environmentally friendly. As a result I find myself making everything I can and seeking my own sustainable living resources wherever possible.

Reconnecting to the Land

I want to share this in my soap products. Soap making reconnects to the land in a number of ways. Firstly by seeking the freshest produce from small scale producers as in my Goats Milk Soap. Secondly by returning to the source where the caustic substances necessary for soap making have originated. In a world suffocating with chemically synthesised products which can be harmful to our own bodies I wish to create a natural product free from additives and parabens.

Knowledge is Power

I like to make soap and to share this process with others. I invite you to contact me if you are interested in learning how to make your own soaps. I will run workshops and skillshares at people’s request for a small fee to cover my costs and use of space for the workshop etc.


I strive not to use any non-biodegradable packaging for my products. I choose to use compostable packaging where possible or I might use a second hand envelope to post your soaps. Where this is not possible I ask you to re-use the envelope I send you. It is a passion for re-use that is behind the ‘rescue an abandoned tea cup soap.’


I like to experiment with ideas so from time to time my soaps might change from tea cups to cup cakes or other such likes. I would be pleased to commission any personal ideas you might have for shapes, scents and projects. Contact me to discuss your thoughts.